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About Us

We are a pain management service located in Petersburg, Virginia. 

At EMC Health, we are committed to providing compassionate and quality care.

Our providers are highly trained and experienced specialists, all registered with the Virginia Board of Health Professions. 

Pain is ubiquitous and presents itself in the practice of every provider. As reported by the CDC, nearly three in five adults (58.9%) experienced pain of any kind in the past 3 months in 2019. Among adults, 39.0% experienced back pain, 36.5% experienced lower limb pain, and 30.7% experienced upper limb pain. The prevalence of pain experienced at each of these locations increased with age and was highest among adults aged 65 and over...

At our clinic we focus on the diagnosis and management of chronic pain.   We will evaluate your pain, order the necessary labs or imaging. We work collabaratly with other physicans and diciplines to make the necessary referrals as part of the care plan for optimal management of your pain.

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